ESP8266 WiFi Control Relay

ESP8266 WiFi Control Relay

ESP8266 WiFi Control Relay

This ESP8266 WiFi Module Project you can control 4 channel relay outputs via WiFi Network.

This project upgrade for this one.

System Diagram
1.ESP8266 WiFi Module ( or NodeMCU )
2.4 Channel Relay Board. ( Active High )
3.OLED Display

Wiring Diagram

ESP8266 Pin GPIO_14 to Relay 1
ESP8266 Pin GPIO_12 to Relay 2
ESP8266 Pin GPIO_13 to Relay 3
ESP8266 Pin GPIO_15 to Relay 4

Option OLED Display

 ESP8266 Pin GPIO_05  ( SCL )  to  OLED pin SCL
 ESP8266 Pin GPIO_04  ( SDA )  to  OLED pin SDA

ESP8266 Source Code
IDE use Arduino IDE 1.6.8

Source Code on GitHub

Android App on Google Play

App Manual
Open App then click CONNECT
Set your IP Address from ESP8266 Serial Monitor or OLED Display
and Port ( 80 )
Now, You can control device
Change your device name

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